Join TPD Young Artists

2020 - 2021!

Who are we?


TPD YA are the youth company of Thomas Page Dances. We are made

up of dance artists aged 10 - 18 from Oxfordshire.


What do we do?


Every week we collaborate to create contemporary dance works. We

then rehearse as a company to get ready to perform these works 

at various performances and festivals across Oxfordshire.


When do we meet?


During term time we meet every Sunday for rehearsals.

How much does it cost?

Fees for TPD YA are £85.00 per 12 Week Term.

How do I audition?

1) Record a video of yourself improvising to a song of your choice (1-2 minutes long.)



2) Write or Record a short statement on why you love dancing (200 words or 1 minute max.)



3) Send the above to along with

your name, age and parent/guardian’s email address.



Deadline: Monday 31st August

Rehearsals begin Sunday 13th September


The Young Artists of 2019-2020

Discover Their Work


When you think of moments in your life that have an impact on you as "switches" they turn on or off little lights in your heart. Exploring both positive and negative moments in life that shape you, Aphotic, creates an abstract reflection of the emotional journey we experience as humans. Created in a collaborative process the piece draws on ideas and experiences from the young artists providing an honest approach to movement. 

Aphotic Images by Gerraint Lewis Photography


Three episodes exploring the notion of "fitting in."


Assimilate Images by Gerraint Lewis Photography







All images, unless otherwise specified, by Jazzula Donoghue Photography