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Creating on Borrowed Time

"The desire to make the most of every second can bring a sense of urgency, we can feel rushed and pressured. But what if we slow things down, take a breath and give time to make the most of the things we value. Our understanding of time is intrinsically bound to our experience of light. We shape our lives around the solar day and we defy the rules of nature when we feel we need more time."

-Thomas Page
Performances and co-choreography by:

April Gunawardena
Dominic McAinsh

Evie Tucker
Iona McGuire
Images by:

Monika of Oxford Atelier
Creative Team:

Rachel Luff - Technical Lead
Tessa Cavanna - Composition Consultant
Thomas Page - Artistic Director, composer and co-choreographer.
Co-commissioned by Arts at the Old Fire Station and Oxford Contemporary Music in collaboration with the Oxford City Council specifically for this year’s Christmas Light Festival (2021).
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