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Commonality - Online Portfolio

A shared experience in a time of division

For the best viewing turn your volume up!
Cast in Research and Development Trailer

Marcus Bell
Jazzula Donoghue
April Gunawardena

Taylor Han
Charlie Hogan
Joshua James Smith

Llewelyn Lewis
Folu Odimayo
"By the end of this astonishing piece, the company has broken barriers and come together, illustrating how we can break free from a trapped society and become a community, and emphasising the power of dance."

-Sophie Emma, Daily Info Review, Oxford in response to the 25 minute original version.
"When Marcus and I hug & Llewelyn and Hara hug too. There's a real conviction on stage and I think that's what 'Commonality' is about - real human connection."
-Taylor Han, Dance Artist
Creative Team:

Joel Levine - Lighting Designer
Thomas Page - Choreographer 
Max Winter - Composer
Dan Martin - Videographer
Rosie Whiting - Costume Designer
"For me, Being involved in rehearsal and development is incredibly valuable and what I enjoy most about the process. To be able to create the music as a direct response to the dancers and interact with them about their needs from the music - rather than having separation between the process and only communicating via the choreographer."
-Max Winter, Composer