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A shared experience in a time of division

"By the end of this astonishing piece, the company has broken barriers and come together, illustrating how we can break free from a trapped society and become a community, and emphasising the power of dance."
-Sophie Emma, Daily Info Review, Oxford
(Moving With The Times, 2020)
‘Commonality’ is a multifaceted choreographic work that explores shared experiences in a time of division. Moving through five chapters based on universal emotional states, the work combines contemporary dance, live photography and an interactive set to create an environment of challenges, questions and connection.
Commonality returned to a research and development in January 2021 with the support of Swindon Dance to develop the work into a multi-faceted full length production. We are now in the process of preparing the work for it's rehearsal and production period ahead of touring across 2022-23.
Dance Artists Involved in Commonality:
April Gunawardena
Charlie Hogan
Folu Odimayo
Hara Kyriazi
Joshua James Smith
Llewelyn Lewis
Marcus Bell
Taylor Han
Photographers Involved in Commonality:
Becca Hunt
Flavia Catena
Jazzula Donoghue
Creative Team:
Dan Martin - Videographer
Joel Levine - Lighting Designer
Max Winter - Composer
Rosie Whiting - Costume Designer
"When Marcus and I hug & Llewelyn and Hara hug too. There's a real conviction on stage and I think that's what 'Commonality' is about - real human connection."
-Taylor Han, Dance Artist
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