Amanda Forsberg Fahller - Rehearsal Director

Originally from Luleå, Sweden Amanda Forsberg Fahller is a contemporary dance artist based in Sweden and London. Forsberg Fahller began their dance training at Dansstudio Rose and Luleå Rytmik & Balettförening. In 2015 they graduated from the dance programme at Luleå Gymnasieskola before moving to London to train in contemporary dance at Laban. During their training Forsberg Fahller performed in works by choreographers such as; Lizzi Kew-Ross, Merce Cunningham and Melanie Clarke as well as others.


Forsrberg Fahller is a founding member of TPD joining the company for the debut version of 'C-A-G-E-D' (2016), continuing to work with the company for the projects 'Mi Casa Su Casa' (2017), 'Normative?' (2017) and 'A Movement -' (2018).